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Tips to Help You Nail Networking as an Entrepreneur

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

You're starting a new business, or you want to expand your growing company. Either way, you likely want to give yourself and your organization every opportunity to grow. Networking offers a lot of benefits, but you must understand the finer points of networking to take full advantage of your investment of time and energy. Keep these ideas from Outlaw Elite Analytics in mind as you look for networking opportunities. Understand Networking Advantages When you realize all that networking can do for you and your business, you may make more of an effort to better your networking prowess.

While connecting with other professionals in your industry, you can uncover valuable partnership opportunities you may otherwise miss. Other reasons to network are to create referrals, discover new positions you may qualify for and connect with potential clients. Set Up a Professional Profile One easy way to connect with like-minded people online is to set up a professional profile on LinkedIn. While networking, people are bound to want to look into your career background. Control what they see by creating a profile that's up to date. Also, on all your social media accounts, ensure there's nothing offensive or worrying that could make others think twice about working with you.

Experts recommend setting up online alerts so you know the second something's shared about you online. Attend Virtual Conferences As a fledgling entrepreneur, you may not have the resources to attend in-person conferences. You can save time and money by attending virtual conferences and other online events. While digital events do not offer the same opportunities to talk with others as in-person events, they can still prove useful for networking. For instance, you may have the opportunity to speak with conference organizers and pick their brains about the industry. Make the Most of a First Impression Think twice about using professional networking sites like you do your other social media profiles.

When connecting professionally, send more than a request. Let the other person know why you want to connect, or mention the person you have in common. Include a few kind words in your messages, as politeness goes a long way. Stay Engaged With the Connections You Make Rather than intending to network with as many people as possible, focus on forming solid connections you intend to maintain. Follow up on engaging or useful conversations, and check in with your connections when a lot of time passes between messages. When you come across an interesting article or industry news that your connections may find interesting, share it with them. This is an easy way to keep in touch and show your connections that you aren't someone who only reaches out to others when you need something.

Consider Cultivating a Pitch and Online Resources You never know when you may have a chance to pitch an idea you're working on. Develop a pitch for your business idea if you're networking for investors. Because you may not get a chance to pitch in person, create a digital presentation of slides, infographics and fact sheets. If you have employees or partners, share the presentation with them in case you need to include them in the meeting. Outlaw Elite Analytics can also help you create a functional and aesthetically pleasing web presence. Learn more here. Understand and reach your business potential by harnessing the power of networking. When done right and done your way, it could benefit your organization and career more than you realize.

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