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My name is Jaquan Outlaw and the owner of Outlaw Elite Analytics which is a self-made digital marketing and data analytics organization that helps empower business owners. Allowing local businesses and larger organizations to make intelligent business decisions by utilizing the power of analytics. 


The purpose of this site is to give users access to what I know as a Digital Expert so that you can run your online business smarter and not harder. As a Data Analytics expert I help businesses optimize their performances. With our help a company can use analytics to make intelligent business decisions by analyzing customer trends and satisfaction, which can lead to better products and services. Book a FREE session with us today to get started! 

Digital Media Expert with

12+ Years of Professional Experience.


You Will Learn How To


Use Instagram &

Facebook to increase conversions


Improve your brand awareness using analytics


Design marketing materials that drive sales

What People Say

Knowing Jaquan for over five years, I'm continually impressed with his communication skills and entrepreneurial vigor. Jaquan immediately struck me as a person who loved to learn and share his knowledge with others. His positive nature and willingness to help others invigorates those around him. 

Josiah Peterham, New York

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@outlawelite365 |  automate@outlawai.com | Washington D.C. | Virginia

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