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Elon Musk May Buy Twitter, But Black Culture Moves The Pulse

Despite many users’ pleas to the contrary, the owners of Twitter announced on Monday that they would accept Elon Musk’s offer to purchase the company, which will become the latest high-value property in his multi-billion dollar portfolio. Musk has maintained that his interest in the firm has primarily been its “potential to be the platform for free speech around the globe,” as he said in his offer letter to Twitter. But, the concern many have about the richest man on earth controlling one of its largest platforms isn’t exactly unwarranted; especially when he and his affluence are often criticized on that very platform.

Over the past few years, Twitter has emerged as a great resource for Black professionals. Whether using it to network, promote our work, or call out brands and corporations for their anti-blackness, the power of Black Twitter remains unmatched. Beyond how it serves Black creatives and professionals, Twitter has served to amplify Black voices, thereby also amplifying our cultural impact. Black Twitter molds the language of pop culture. It has become both the barometer of cool and one of the most effective forces for social change.

As a corporate entity, Twitter has often positioned itself as an ally, intentionally promoting Black creatives and providing “the culture” with the tools and redresses we’ve requested.

However, in light of the recent revelations about the “culture of racism at Tesla, where Musk is chief executive, one can’t help but wonder how this latest development will impact both

Twitter’s corporate attitude towards internal diversity and Black Twitter’s reach.

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