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Mirror The Lost Shards


Mirror The Lost Shards

Mirror â The Lost Shards: A Review of the Steam Game

Mirror â The Lost Shards is a downloadable content (DLC) of the popular game Mirror, which is a mature-themed match-3 puzzle game with RPG elements. The DLC was released on July 27, 2018, and adds four new characters and stories to the original game. The DLC is available on Steam for $1.99.

Features of Mirror â The Lost Shards

The DLC adds four new female characters to the game, each with their own unique personality, background, and story. They are:

Lei: A martial artist who seeks revenge for her master's death.

Cai Yun: A fox spirit who wants to become human.

Hill: A mercenary who is hired to protect a mysterious girl.

Daisy: A witch who is cursed by a demon.

The DLC also adds new CGs, voice acting, music, and achievements to the game. The DLC requires the base game Mirror to play.

Gameplay of Mirror â The Lost Shards

The gameplay of Mirror â The Lost Shards is similar to the base game. The player has to match three or more gems of the same color to clear them from the board and deal damage to the opponent. The player can also use special skills and items to gain an advantage in the battle. The player has to win the battle to progress in the story and unlock more content.

The DLC also introduces some new gameplay elements, such as:

Branching paths: The player can choose different options in the dialogue and affect the outcome of the story.

Multiple endings: Each character has two different endings depending on the player's choices.

Hidden scenes: The player can unlock hidden scenes by fulfilling certain conditions in the game.

Story of Mirror â The Lost Shards

The story of Mirror â The Lost Shards is set in a fantasy world where magic and monsters exist. The player takes on the role of a young man who finds a mysterious mirror in his room. The mirror allows him to enter the world of the four girls and help them with their problems. However, he soon discovers that there is more to the mirror than meets the eye, and that his actions have consequences in both worlds.

The story of Mirror â The Lost Shards is mature-themed and contains explicit scenes and language. The player should be aware of this before playing the game.


Mirror â The Lost Shards is a DLC that adds more content and depth to the original game Mirror. It offers four new characters and stories that are engaging and diverse. It also adds new gameplay elements that make the game more challenging and fun. The DLC is worth buying for fans of the base game or for those who enjoy match-3 puzzle games with RPG elements and mature themes. 248dff8e21


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