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Mafia 2 Sds It.rar

right-click the game (pnd2_sds_it.exe) and select the open file menu. open the task manager window and select the processes tab. you should see the process named mafia.exe and mafiabg.exe. right-click it and select open. and don't forget to restart the game, or it won't work. the background won't play correctly. the game will start.

mafia 2 sds it.rar

Download File:

about mafia 2, aka deus ex heretic is a game based on the deus ex series, with characters, backstory, soundtrack and elements of the games, but the deus ex series is the backdrop of the game. the real universe is the place where the game takes place. deus ex heretic is a direct sequel to deus ex: invisible war and there is no connection between the two games.

from the mafia folder, copy the 20mb to your hdd. double-click the new version of mafia_data_x.jar to start it. do this and also run it from an admin account in your mafia directory, and do it in the normal desktop directory, regardless if you have a uac prompt. this will create a new folder, mafia_data_x. run mafia datax-extractor in there. any file you extract, you also need to add to mafia_data_x.jar. you can import all your games, without losing save data. if you have a folder with a unique name, you must also overwrite files from or the ones you imported to mafia_data_x.jar will be overwritten. if you dont, they will be overwritten anyway. also add the new game directories to your list of directories in mafia_data_x.

5. after extracting mafia data x, run mafia_data_x.jar in the mafia folder. it will continue to ask you for the saves, sometimes repeatiously, because the saves are using the native mafia data x savefiles. save them, and they will save the levels/items in your new locations. mafia ii can still read them, but you may find it hard to find them, or even read the instructions that load the saves in gameplay. make sense? run the regmipfixer.exe to fix your data.


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