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Aiden Davis

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"I hate to say it, but he was a bit of a snob. Susan and I did a couple Sherlock movies. He was like, 'Cute.' I did a bunch of the Marvel stuff and he goes, 'Uh uh. Yeah, bomb, bomb. Jokes. Funny robots. I get it.' I went, 'Hm. Wow. OK,'" Downey Jr. says. "I remember that he thought 'Less Than Zero' was good. He thought 'Chaplin' was too episodic. And he really liked that German song I sang when I was 15."

A Bunch Of Baby Ducks Download Movies

94. The Incredibles 2 (2018)The nearly 20-year-long wait for the sequel to one of Pixar's most popular movies was worth the wait. Watch Mrs. Incredible (aka Elastagirl) go back to work and leave Bob (Mr. Incredible) at home with a moody tween, homework and a baby with multiple powers. Look for the return of fan-favorite Edna, and fellow superhero Fro-Zone. Some violence might be scary for younger kids, but the all-around message of teamwork is a home run for families.


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