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[S2E6] Plan B

Stefan informs Damon about the connection between Mason and Katherine and they are sure that Katherine is using him for something and they need to find out what. Jeremy offers his help and says that he can take the moonstone from Tyler, but Tyler gave the moonstone to Mason because he doesn't want to have anything to do with curses and supernatural anymore. Stefan and Damon ask for Bonnie's help so they can "kidnap" Mason and make him tell them Katherine's plan and where the moonstone is. Even though at first Bonnie does not want to help, she eventually agrees to do it.

[S2E6] Plan B

Stefan and Elena head over to the well and Stefan jumps in, only to find out the well is full of vervain water. Luckily, Caroline arrives and belays Elena down the well to get Stefan. Just as they get him out, Elena finds the moonstone, and then snakes start to attack her. Caroline pulls her out the well safely, with the moonstone in hand. Caroline visits her mother again who offers to keep everything a secret instead of getting her memory erased. It breaks Caroline's heart, but she has to wipe her mother's memory clean. Stefan goes back home with the moonstone. He and Damon text Mrs. Lockwood from Mason's phone so she will think he left town again. Damon calls the last number dialed on his phone, and it turns out to be Katherine. She is upset about Mason's death and tells them that she has a plan B.

The Star Trek: Picard episode "Two of One" acts as sort of a "part two" of the episode "Fly Me to the Moon" with Jean-Luc (Patrick Stewart) & company trying to protect the future. In this case, it's his ancestor Renee Picard (Penelope Mitchell) who they need to make sure makes her NASA space flight. She becomes a point of interest to Q (John de Lancie) and he enlists the help of Dr. Adam Soong (Brent Spiner) to carry out his plan. Consider this is your minor spoilers warning.

Chakotay asks for solutions. B'Elanna says she can try to almost overload the warp core to generate a shock pulse. Tuvok suggests having someone go to the navigational controls and manually initiate Voyager's thrusters to move them out of the anomaly. Chakotay goes with B'Elanna's plan and when Tuvok begins to object, Chakotay vehemently overrides him and asserts his command.

B'Elanna and Harry successfully initiate the shock pulse, but it doesn't seem to have an effect on the anomaly. Then B'Elanna and Harry notice that the anomaly has enveloped engineering and is moving faster than before. They rush back to the holodeck and inform everyone that their plan failed. Chakotay says they should try Tuvok's, but then Tuvok points out they can't; the anomaly has already reached the holodeck.

Like all good predators, Zoom senses fear and hits where it hurts. Friends, family, old failures, new insecurities. Thanks to Cisco's vibes from a hostile Harry, the team now knows that Jesse Quick, Wells' daughter, is being held prisoner by Zoom on Earth-2. Barry is in the hospital with temporary paralysis. The Star Labs war room has so far failed to come up with a workable Neutralize Zoom plan.

At the diner, Barbie tells Julia that he's going to make a sweep of the town to find Lyle, and that he has some questions for Sam as well. Once he leaves, Julia approaches Melanie sitting by herself and asks where the others are. Melanie explains that Joe and Norrie went home and says that she messed up by kissing Joe so that she could feel normal for once. She mentions the egg and Julia says that she dropped it into the lake right before Melanie came to the surface. Julia figures that the Dome wanted her to throw the egg into the lake and wanted Melanie brought back to life as well. When they get back to the Rennie house, Joe and Norrie argue about how Joe has been obsessed with Melanie ever since she turned up. Joe tells Norrie that he loves her but she says that she doesn't love him. Furious, Joe says that there's no point in staying there if they're not together and leaves.At the diner, Big Jim warns Julia that eventually she'll disappoint the townspeople and they'll turn on her. Julia says that she plans on letting the Chester's Millers vote to see who will be in charge, but Big Jim says that people need to be led. He warns her that at least half the people in the town are on his side and that they didn't riot only because he shook Julia's hand. He goes outside to find Barbie and asks him to consider Julia to reconsider. Barbie refuses, reminding Big Jim that he betrayed him as well to Julia, and says that he'll be a lot less forgiving than Julia if Big Jim tries something. Rebecca calls on the radio to tell him about the tunnel and he drives off. As he leaves, Big Jim notices that the wind is sweeping dust into Chester's Mill.

As Junior and Melanie drive to the Rennie house, Melanie says that Junior looks just like Sam back in 1988. Junior wonders what is going on and Melanie admits that she thinks that Lyle killed her 25 years ago. Big Jim addresses the crowd at the diner and says that they have to use the windmill to dampen the dust. Andrea questions him, pointing out that he tried to infect them before, and Big Jim reminds everyone that he put himself and Junior at risk just like the rest of them. Unimpressed, Andrea asks to hear from Julia and Big Jim points out that she isn't there and he is. He calls for a vote but the majority vote against him. Ben says that he has to leave and as he takes off, Big Jim realizes that the teenager forgot his inhaler.Junior and Melanie arrive at the Rennie house and Melanie sees Pauline's painting. She remembers it from 1988 and tells Junior that Pauline was her first friend when her family moved from Zenith to Chester's Mill in 1988. Melanie blames herself for not being there for Pauline and Junior strokes her face and asks if she can keep a secret. Before Melanie can respond, Norrie comes in and complains about Melanie hitting on Junior as well as Joe. She asks them to help her find Joe since she doesn't know where he went, and Junior tells them that Lyle plans to kill the four hands, believing it will bring down the Dome.

Joe is looking at his sister's collection of postcards and then tears them down in a fury. The others arrive and Junior explains that Lyle plans to kill the four hands. Joe wonders if it's for the best since at least Angie is in a better place, but Melanie notes that her dying didn't let her escape the Dome. She figures that the Dome wants them together for a reason, and she wants to go looking for answers. Norrie and Joe agree and Melanie says that they should head for the lake where she came back to life. Junior reluctantly agrees to go with them even though he thinks they'd be safer staying put.

As Rebecca mixes an explosive from the lab chemicals, Julia asks her why she's teaching school in Chester's Mill. Rebecca admits that she planned to go into research but her father got sick and she had to take care of him. The teacher figures that Julia ended up in Chester's Mill much the same way when she didn't plan to be there. When Julia asks her why she worked with Big Jim, Rebecca says that she thought his heart was in the right place but she was wrong. She's realized the same thing about Julia and this time she's sure that she's right. 041b061a72


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