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Brazilian-born director Carlos Saldanha (after working on the Ice Age movies earlier in his career) is back too for the follow-up just like (voice) actors Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway three years after the original movie. This review comes from the perspective of somebody who has not seen the original yet. I assume the party guests early on and those who babysit and join the birds had major roles in the first film. So it was a nice inclusion for everybody who liked the original, even if these characters did not really have much screen time here. Other than that there is not much point or development to the characters.This sequel deals mostly about Blu and Jewel finding more of their kind. The one thing I liked most about ti, however, was the part which deals with humans destroying the rain forest. And said rain forest is truly beautifully animated in this movie, possibly its highlight. The story never really dragged too much and was pretty decent too. The only major flaw was the whole casting show plot. It was never funny and just felt totally out of place fishing for cheap laughs. There were few really big highlight and flaws in these 100 minutes, but this was certainly one of them. The film also suffered a bit from having simply too many antagonists: the builders, Eduardo, Roberto, the red parrots, the cockatoo with his frog lady. Admittedly, they made the most of that near the end when they managed to unite everybody to fight against the humans destroying their rain forest which was quite a nice turn. The story of animals sticking together to save their living environment is always a nice one and "saved" (although it wasn't so bad that it needed saving) the movie here.Rio 2 won't make a place under my favorite animated movies by any means, but it's certainly worth a watch thanks to the beautiful animation and also will make you laugh on several occasions. Recommended.

As already mentioned, the digital audio-visual material producedby Dominio Publico is freely available online, and is often accompanied bytext explicitly encouraging its free and wide use and circulation. The titlerefers to freedom of access, without restriction or copyright, but itsattachment to a film about urban transformations points to how the samephilosophy of openness and visibility informs the approach to the subjectmatter. The connection between the digital and urban contexts also recurs intext accompanying a promotional short video for the film, (15) used in thecrowdsourcing effort, which featured the singer BNegao, himself known for hissupport of copyleft approaches to cultural production (Silva and Paz 2012).The text in question playfully links the removals associated with themega-events in Rio, part of Dominio Publico's subject matter, to thecensorship and removal of contentious content online, a potential hazard fora project like Dominio Publico: 'Esse filme investiga, denuncia e podeser removido. Assista ja! Se nao removerem o video, podem remover voce!'('This film investigates, denounces, and could be removed. Watch it now!If they don't remove the video, they might remove you!'). In March2017, this 'extra' video had 22,900 views on YouTube, furtherevidence of the reach of the Dominio Publico project, in all itsmanifestations.

As mentioned in the introduction, the release of the full film onYouTube and Vimeo in June 2014 was accompanied by an exhortation to watch thefilm online, but also to download it and screen it; this was helped by thefilm being put on Torrent. The popularity of physical screenings of the filmmay also be, in part, due to its length (it is about one and a half hourslong) and to the desire to make the film as widely available as possible,including to residents of favelas. As Fausto pointed out (Mota, 8 September2014, interview), there are downsides to the Internet as a distributionchannel. Watching a feature-length film on a computer or handheld screen cancertainly be awkward, but there are also inequalities in Inter


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