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Smithsonian channel on firestick

The Smithsonian channel on firestick program is a unique way for people to explore the world and discover new things. It is an interactive, online platform that allows users to access content from the Smithsonian Institution’s vast collection of artifacts, archives, and exhibitions. Through this program users can virtually explore hundreds of museums around the world in 3D with detailed information about each exhibit. Additionally, they can participate in virtual tours led by experts who provide insight into history as well as culture through their engaging stories.

The goal behind Smithsonian Activate is to make it easy for people everywhere to experience history without having to physically visit each museum or location themselves - something which would be impossible due its sheer size and scope! By providing access through digital means such as videos, photos and audio recordings – it makes learning more accessible than ever before; allowing anyone regardless of age or location gain knowledge on topics ranging from natural science all the way up human rights issues at no cost whatsoever.


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